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BOGO: BUY 15mL Island Mint GET 5mL Citrus Bloom AND 15mL Sunny Citrus for FREE!

BOGO: BUY 15mL Island Mint GET 5mL Citrus Bloom AND 15mL Sunny Citrus for FREE!

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*Limited-Time Offer 6/19/23 - 6/23/23 While Supplies Last


What’s Island Mint ® ?
Simultaneously tropical and woody, Island Mint is a product everyone needs this
summer! Refreshing and invigorating, the Summertime Blend includes Lime, Lemon, Peppermint, and Black Spruce essential oils.

How Do I Use Island Mint ® ?
Island Mint is distinctly fresh and crisp. Bring it on road trips or make a DIY air freshener to keep your car smelling exquisite. You can also add a few drops to the base of your shower in the morning to promote feelings of clear airways and easy breathing thanks to the menthol in Peppermint.

Never underestimate the power of diffusion. As simple as it may seem, diffusion is one of the best ways to use essential oils and blends, always delivering powerful benefits. At your next party or gathering, diffuse Island Mint to transform the space into a sunny paradise.

For a luxurious personal scent, add a few drops of Island Mint to your dōTERRA ® spa Hand & Body Lotion or Replenishing Body Butter. You can also apply it to your wrists or neck.


What’s Citrus Bloom ® ?
Citrus Bloom welcomes summer into your home with its combination of bright citruses and fragrant florals. This essential oil blend includes Wild Orange, Grapefruit, Lavender, Roman Chamomile, and Magnolia.

How Do I Use Citrus Bloom ® ?
Citrus Bloom Springtime Blend offers the fresh scents of both citrus and floral oils,
carefully chosen to bring the familiar feeling and fragrance of summer. Diffuse it around your home or stop and take a few deep breaths of it from your palms—or the bottle—to appreciate the sweet aroma.

Citrus Bloom is a gorgeous fragrance when worn topically. You can apply it to your neck and wrists as a personal perfume or add it to lotion for an evening massage that smells as sweet as it is soothing


What’s Sunny Citrus?
Uniting the bright aromas of popular CPTG ® citrus and mint oils—Grapefruit and Wild Orange, with a zing of Peppermint—dōTERRA captures the essence of a perfect vacation in Sunny Citrus. An inspiring reminder of optimism, happiness, and hope for a glorious summer, limonene-rich Sunny Citrus is the perfect aromatic complement to your happy and active lifestyle. The essential oil blend also increases the power of any household cleaning product, also while providing a tantalizing, fresh aroma.

How Do I Use Sunny Citrus?
Use as part of your cleaning routine. Wet a paper towel or wash cloth and add 10–20 drops of Sunny Citrus to wipe down kitchen counters, cabinets, or any other surface that requires a cleansing boost. You can also add 10–20 drops to white vinegar and distilled water for a natural, sunny surface cleaner.

Diffuse Sunny Citrus to create a bright and elevating ambiance. Or inhale it throughout the day for a fresh, uplifting, and summery scent.

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