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BOGO: BUY 5mL Deep Blue GET Deep Blue Stick for FREE!

BOGO: BUY 5mL Deep Blue GET Deep Blue Stick for FREE!

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*Limited-Time Offer 6/19/23 - 6/23/23 While Supplies Last


What’s Deep Blue ® ?
Deep Blue is a synergistic blend of eight essential oils that offer cooling comfort to
desired areas: Blue (German) Chamomile, Wintergreen, Camphor, Peppermint, Ylang Ylang, Helichrysum, Blue Tansy, and Osmanthus.

The Deep Blue Stick is a topical analgesic infused with Deep Blue Soothing Blend. It also contains Copaiba essential oil and menthol—an active ingredient at 10%. The Deep Blue Stick provides natural, powerful relief in a fast-acting solid that’s perfect for temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles, arthritis, sprains, strains, and bruises. The base of the Deep Blue Stick is a combination of moisturizing emollients like coconut oil, sunflower seed wax, and sweet almond oil, which leave your skin soft and non-greasy.

How Do I Use Deep Blue ® ?
Deep Blue is a powerful, potent essential oil blend. To use it topically, dilute it in a carrier oil like Fractionated Coconut Oil and rub into targeted areas: the neck, back, legs, feet, or shoulders. You’ll experience an intense warming and cooling sensation that comforts and soothes. After applying, wash your hands so you don’t accidentally get any leftover product on or in sensitive areas of the body.

Diluting Deep Blue not only helps avoid skin sensitivity, but it actually makes the blend more effective! When you dilute essential oils in a carrier oil and apply them topically, they don’t evaporate off the skin as quickly, meaning you absorb more.

The first time you use Deep Blue, try it on a small area of your skin to see how it feels. If it’s too powerful for your liking, add more carrier oil the next time you apply it. If it isn’t powerful enough, use less carrier oil next time.

The power of Deep Blue Soothing Blend has proven itself repeatedly, but when you’re out and about or in a rush and don’t have the time to clean up from a Deep Blue application, what are your options? With the Deep Blue Stick, you have the powerful Soothing Blend wherever and whenever you need it, but without any handwashing or cleanup required.


Why Deep Blue ® ?
Methyl salicylate is the primary chemical constituent in Wintergreen essential oil. It can be soothing for fatigued areas. In fact, many over-the-counter ointments and soothing salves contain methyl salicylate as an active ingredient.

Which Deep Blue ® ?
You may be surprised by how many ways Deep Blue is offered. Find out
which one you’ll need and why as you prepare for your summer adventures!

Deep Blue Soothing Blend
Deep Blue Soothing Blend is your go-to product when you need potent
soothing for tired areas after exercise or a long day on your feet. Participating
in a wedding or outdoor fundraiser? You’ll want to have this essential oil blend on hand. It’s part of the AromaTouch Technique ® because of its immediate warming effect on the skin. We recommend diluting Deep Blue with Fractionated Coconut Oil to minimize any skin sensitivity, customizing to your comfort level.

The Deep Blue Stick
The Deep Blue Stick is an indispensable addition to your bathroom cabinet
or gym bag, as the moisturizing emollients leave your skin feeling soft and
non-greasy. With menthol as an active ingredient at 10%, the stick is a topical
analgesic that delivers temporary relief to minor aches and muscle and joint

Feeling discomfort after a workout? Apply it straight to your muscles.
Experiencing minor back and neck aches from carrying a toddler on a hike?
The Deep Blue Stick is there for you. out of the house all summer from
playing outside, and—while you love them—you don’t love dirty fingerprints
on everything! Use Sunny Citrus throughout the day to give your doorknobs
and light switches a refreshing cleanse and glow.

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